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Hi, I’m Emily

Emily has a long history of using her voice to entertain. Starting at a young age, as an only child she was forced to “sing for friends,” at young passers by on the street. Trying desperately to impress them with her hot pink skip it, the rapid skipping she could do with it, and the fact it has a skip counter on it; she quickly learned to live with rejection. Between school bullies and an ugly outward appearance, Emily quickly learned the art of self-deprecation and became unflappable by a young age. Once she graduated from college it was clear the only direction was not up, but through, the doors at comedy clubs all over Southern California and once even in Seattle, Washington. Then came kids and she just got great at reading to them. Now she has the audacity to want to leave insurance sales behind and crash into this over-saturated industry of Voice Over actors and make a name for herself. If you can’t go up, go through, and that’s exactly what she is going to do. Come along for the ride, or don’t!

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